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Content has changed over years from prints like newspapers, magazines, yellow pages etc. As technology evolved, marketing strategies evolved as well. Billboards were introduced and there was inclusion of pictures to accompany text. (Hope we see the picture)

Now the internet happened and marketing has taken a new phase. Our customers are glued to screens surfing the internet. What else would be better than placing our product or services on these screens?

Part of what makes them hooked to the screens is video. Over 1 billion hours are watched on YouTube every day. Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos a day.

Let me convince you why video is a day breaker.

  • Do small but Fast

Videos are the main drawers to business websites. Over half of the video content is viewed over mobile devices. It has its advantages and disadvantages but the main point is that we need to create content that is mobile friendly.

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The main advantage is that videos have the ability to grab attention anywhere, anytime, throughout the day because viewers are using their devices throughout.

According to hubspot, 67% of mobile users surveyed use their mobile devices before going to sleep, 54% when they wake up and 36% in the bathroom.

Make the video short, entertaining and not promotional. This will create the share element of it. 92% said that they share mobile video content with others. By now you can see what we talking about.

Make your video entertaining and communicate in the first 30 sec before the viewer looses attention and closes the browser.

  • Teach something that is not known

Creating a video is not enough. The content of the video matters. We said it should not always be promotional but entertaining. Since you are a business, teach something the viewer doesn’t know that concerns what you sell. This will increase trust.


m do you think they will look for when they need what they have viewed? ‘How to’ searches are up to 70% year after year. Customers want brands to relate with them as friends and gain value from. Online videos helps break barriers and create a personal experience with the viewer even before they become a customer.

Let’s make our viewers learn, think and laugh and they will keep coming back for more and that will increase traffic that is easy to convert for a sale.

  • Quality

‘Your content is good but of bad quality.’ It will make the viewer to change or close the site.

There two things that you need to consider. The quality of the video and of the sound. Surprisingly, it’s easier to watch a bad video than listen to bad sound. If you want to invest on online branded videos, invest in good equipment. These days iPhones are used to record amazing video. Lapel microphones are very affordable.

Most viewers don’t have videography skills to judge the professionalism of the video. As long as it’s clear in sound and visual, they will enjoy. Don’t mind about the technical part of the video. Online, no one really cares.

Make sure that there is nothing making the viewer think twice about finishing your 1 minute video.

  • Get a professional

Do not confuse online videos with commercial videos. Let us not use commercial videos as online videos. It will never work. Commercials are very expensive unlike online videos that are affordable and sometimes have no cost when you do it yourself.

However, there are advert video that need skill to create and you don’t have the skills or you don’t have a person in your team to take the videos, hire a professional. The videos will communicate about your business by how they look.

In our business, we develop content for clients and video is part of it. We develop a concept for you, produce it and we deliver the videos optimized to different platforms and audiences. All this for an affordable price.

Understand the online platforms

Finally, what platform you will use determines the kind of content. For example, Facebook live does not need a pre- recorded video. Instagram allows only 59 sec of video view unless you use IGTV that had vertical video format. YouTube is the home of every video producer and can accommodate any kind of video.

If your strategy is to use IG, create content that is optimized for it and that is 30sec to 59sec for it to be helpful.

However we advice that we create content for more than one platform to have greater reach.


That’s the beauty and challenge of online-branded video. It’s a powerful tool, but to do it right, you need to make it about “them” first and “you” second. And let them in on the fun!

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Hope you enjoyed. See you on our next read.

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